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Hello, this week’s post is about a quote that goes something like this:

“Choose a job that you like, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius

After many years of coaching sometimes I come across people that enroll in a career path simply because of the money. The medical industry, for example, is a career path that is not for everyone yet people decide to go into it because of the amount of wealth that comes with it. But, what happens when you realize you are not happy? All of those years invested in a career you were not satisfied with catch up to you. There are loans to pay back and the time and energy you invested cannot be recovered. Another example is teaching. Some people go into teaching because it is a stable job. I am not saying that the medical industry or teaching are bad career paths. In fact, I have come across great people who do this for a living and enjoy what they do. What I am trying to get at is that often times, people don’t really look inwards to find what it is they really want to do. A very high percentage of people just worry about their short term needs. They don’t sit down and create a road map for the type of job they really want. In the end, it all comes down to PASSION and a BELIEF to take on what you think you are going honestly enjoy. When you show passion and love for your profession it truly shows. A few years back I was in Oregon and went into a restaurant for lunch. The waitress that served my table had been working there for 16 years and she truly looked happy. She had a smile on her face the whole time, was very attentive, and cared for her customers. You may probably be thinking “Well yeah that’s her job. She has to be polite, she’s getting paid.” To me, however, this was someone that enjoyed every minute of her job: she was genuine and happy. The bottom line here is: find what you love! No one is going to do it for you! You deserve to be happy.


Every business whether big or small has systems which ultimately help produce the results you need to be successful. Business systems help your company stay on track and help deliver consistent results. Take your company website for example. Your website may have subsystems such as an E-mail newsletter, direct mail, links to your social media accounts, etc. which serve as systems to help you get in touch with more clients and help your company grow. The best systems are formulated strategically and map out every possibility. For example, design, quality, target audience, implementation and measurement are elements that are very significant when building a business system. Each business is different, however, that is why it is your job to analyze and determine what the most important aspects of your business are in order to improve business success. Good systems eliminate unnecessary costs, save time, increase profit, and improve customer satisfaction. A great systems approach has detailed procedures, performance standards, and accountability. Detailed procedures help your company stay on top of its game. Performance standards keep track of the goals your business achieves. Accountability makes you responsible for what goes on in your company. As time goes by, business systems remain constant and that is why it is a good idea to let systems run your business while you run the systems. In essence, identify the system you want for your business taking into account different types of situations and possibilities. Implement your system and get ready for profitable outcomes. Remember that you can change and adjust your system to fit your needs. The important factor here is figuring out what works for your business and what doesn’t. Good luck!

At Optimization Coach Cochran, my goal is to get you thinking in a positive way and encourage you to follow your dreams and reach your goals. Below are five steps that will help you set goals and reach them effectively.

Step 1 Define
Defining your goal is the first step to getting closer to what you want. This step is critical because it helps lead you in the right direction.

Step 2 Activate (Take Action)
What I mean by this is that you have to bring your passion and your emotions in the forefront of this goal. If you are not passionate about the idea you want to consolidate, then you will not be successful.

Step 3 Visualize
This is another important step because visualizing yourself living your goal will reinforce positive energy and it will motivate you to keep working toward that goal.

Step 4 Create Plan
Creating a plan helps you stay focused and on track. Write down bullet points of the things you have done that have or will help you reach your ultimate goal. As you reach those milestones be sure to mark them off your list.

Step 5 Bumps
Every new venture has obstacles that may discourage you from reaching your goals. Don’t mind them and stay positive! Remember that obstacles are subtle challenges that serve as a means to help you get closer to your goals.


At OCC, we believe each of us carry a dream of a life we were born to realize which shows up through desire. We also believe that we all have the ability to realize our personal and professional dreams if we commit ourselves not to settle for anything less than what we really want. It is when we move forward with our passions that we experience our own greatness. When this transformation happens, it is an incredible contribution to ourselves and to the world by being who we truly are.


Our mission is to provide partnership, encouragement, challenge, listening, advice, and tools for you to achieve your greatest goals. Thus, helping you live a fulfilling, balanced, and meaningful life with more ease and joy. With our experience and expertise, your personal and business goals can be realized! From finding balance in your life to having a more efficient and effective business model.

Ultimately, we help motivate you to think big! Don’t settle for less! Only you can make the change you want in your life. No one can do it for you. We are all individuals with unique characteristics who want to do great things, but often times our negative thoughts and self doubt get in the way of achieving what we have always wanted. Each and every one of us can change the course of our lives by believing in ourselves and going for want we want. Remember: Think Big and Grow Rich! Until next time.

A fundamental truth about humans is that they love to play and they yearn to play a big and meaningful game in life. As a coach, first you will help your player expand their capacity to play. Then you will inspire and challenge them to play bigger and bigger in life. Along the way you will teach them to play big by developing there 15 core abilities.

#1 Play- Ability
The ability to have a strong desire to play a game better and allow another to guide you.

#2 Win- Ability
The ability to understand your current reality and define a game that is challenging and

#3 Master- Ability
The ability to shift your focus from pursuit of objectives to pursuit of mastery of activates.

#4 Enjoy- Ability
The ability to perceive challenges as enjoyable and fun rather than as set backs.

#5 Feedback- Ability
The ability to shift your relationship to evaluation from fear of losing to learning.

#6 Learn- Ability
The ability to shift your relationship with new skills from the discomfort of doing something
poorly to the opportunity to expand via practice.

#7 Game Plan- Ability
The ability to leverage your strengths and develop methods for getting consistent results.

#8 Aware- Ability
The ability to see yourself and your situation as perfect and growing rather than as something
wrong that has to be fixed.

#9 World-power- Ability
The ability to shift from will power to designing environments that inspire you.

#10 Response- Ability
The ability to see the part you are playing in every aspect of your life and respond powerfully
and gracefully to anything that is not what you expected.

#11 Respect- Ability
The ability to honor every player in the game and the game itself.

#12 Rest- Ability
The ability to balance time for play and time to recuperate. Regular recuperation is the key to
long term sustainable success.

#13 Request- Ability
The ability to ask for what you need to play better and be willing to receive it.

#14 Inspire- Ability
The ability to go beyond playing for yourself, and play in such a way that you lift the entire
game for everyone who plays it.

#15 Coach- Ability
The ability to allow another person in your life to guide and instruct you. True greatness rarely
occurs without the positive influence of an intimate advisor.

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