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“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs. ” Farrah Gray

Building your own dreams is always a challenge. As you may recall, in my last post I wrote about optimizing your thinking. My philosophy is that we were placed in this world to be successful. Don’t let opportunities pass you by. Define what you want and go after it because if you don’t someone else will hire you to build their dreams. There have been times when I have doubted myself in terms of new business ventures. New business ventures can always be nerve racking because I don’t know if a business transaction will be successful. What I do in these circumstances is that I focus, give it my all, and be the best at what I do. We don’t have control of our future, but we do have control of what is happening right now in our lives. Turn your dreams into a reality. Implement the winning method I discussed in my last post. To refresh your memory, a winning method is simply one of the expressions of a natural and healthy way of living. The closer you get to your creative and innate way of living; you are creating, automatically the necessary methods to help maintain your quality of life, and even to improve it. Take chances, play to win, but above all build your own dreams.


Before reading do not think the term “winning” as related to a race or competition.
Instead think about it as a state where you manage to “win life,” to overcome a challenge, solve a problem, or to discover your most creative path in life. These are some of the real life victories a person should wish for. When people waste their energy on trying to be someone else no one can ever really win. A winner is a person, who had discovered and is dedicated to the specific and unique methods that will lead them to a happier life.

My name is Coach Cochran. I have a long history of creating winning methods, and I implement them into my daily life as in others’. I am a business and life coach, with an undergraduate degree in mathematics, MBA emphasis in accounting and finance, PH.D. in organizational behavior, and I keep striving to develop methods of winning so people can maximize their true self.

Following my intuition and creative urges have allowed me to accomplish these goals and to give my clients many novel ways to heal, not only in the conventional sense of relieving their pain, but also by directing them toward their authentic path of creative fulfillment. These methods are available for every person who wishes and wants to become better, grow, succeed, and accomplish in life.

Back to the main topic-What are Winning Methods?
A winning method is simply one of the expressions of a natural and healthy way of living. The closer you get to your creative and innate way of living; you are creating, automatically, the necessary methods to help maintain your quality of life, and even to improve it.

Said a little differently: A winning method is a mechanism that, when activated, results in creativity and an enjoyable way of handling with life’s challenges.

This definition can be simple and meaningless unless the following information is added:
Until you acknowledge the existence of possible personal winning methods, you will be unable to activate them and reap the results.

If you never turn on the light you will remain in darkness. In other words, if you can’t manage your natural winning methods, you will soon encounter you “losing methods”.

I believe that most human suffering and problems are simple results from ignorance of the potential winning methods that exist. Once the creative energy is stored the winning method is not used properly, it is “shifted” and becomes a negative force instead. The negative force can cause several problems such as illnesses, suffering, misunderstandings, addictions, and many other chronic difficulties.

Things become even worse when another common phenomenon occurs. We tend to become addicted to our “losing methods” to a point where we forget about the probable winning methods. This addiction is so dangerous; it creates an illusion that convinces people that this is the only possible situation and that there can be no change or improvement.
My winning methods help me and many others heal from the multiple “losing methods” out there, and I will explain how, in details.

For now, I suggest that you keep an open mindset and recognize that you are likely to be addicted to at least one losing method that fools you into thinking that you cannot solve problems in your won creative way. All you need is a process that will help you realize your addiction. This will reconnect you to you innate winning methods. You must take command of your “losing methods”!

Think Big and Grow Rich!

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According to, failure is defined as a state of inability to perform a normal function, lack of success, and falling short to name a few. I believe that the definition of the word failure does not matter. What matters is how you interpret it. Failure can often be interpreted as a bad thing and let’s face it for most people it is. I, on the other hand, see failure as a lesson learned. It is a lesson learned because when you fail, you get a chance to redirect your focus and figure out what went wrong. Every time we fail at something, WE have the ability to interpret that failure. We can choose to look at the situation as ‘the end of the world,’ as ‘I’m good at nothing,’ or as an incredible learning experience. Failure helps us grow. Without it, we would never reach success. Don’t be afraid of failure. Often times, failure helps us embrace hidden talents we would not have discovered if we didn’t try. Stay positive and think that failure is only temporary. Failure can only stop you if you allow it to.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Thomas A. Edison

Let’s face it, success doesn’t come easy. If you want something you have to work hard to get it. I have learned this through the course of my career, but it it easier said than done. Sometimes we feel exhausted and are tired of failing so we simply give up. I chose this quote for this week’s post because giving up is something I hear people say and do all the time. And just like the quote says, our greatest weakness lies in giving up. When you give up, you are giving up your dreams. Don’t let fear or failure stop you! If you don’t succeed on your first, second or third try lift yourself up and try again. Success comes after you have fallen many times. If success was easy to achieve, then the feeling you have when you finally have something you have wanted for a long time wouldn’t be the same. What I suggest you do when you feel like giving up is to write up a plan. Make this your backup plan and write down what you feel felt wrong and how you will fix it. Redirect your path and start from there. Make things work for you. Good luck!

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