In order to be successful you must remove the limitations that you have placed on yourself. Most of the time we limit ourselves because we think we deserve what we have, not what we want. When we believe in boundaries we fail to believe in ourselves and what we are really capable of doing. We place ourselves in categories, so to speak, and we stay there. We complain that we are not smart enough, rich enough, etc. We allow our personal conditioning to limit what we can and cannot do. For example, if you are always living with the “I can’t” mentality then chances are you will not be able to accomplish what you want. If you think about this, limitations really exist only in our minds, not in our hearts. I challenge you to remove your limitations. It’s not an easy task but you can do it. Take it step by step. Say, for example, that you have been thinking of running in a marathon, but you think you are not fit enough. This in itself is a limitation you are placing on yourself. Begin by eating a healthy diet and running a set amount of miles every day. Train as much as you can, but do this at least six months in advance. If necessary, find a personal trainer that can coach you through the process. You can do anything you set your mind to. Remember: Removing limitations is about finding ways to say “I can” instead of “I can’t.”