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After having studied top achievers and peak performers over the past 35 years, I’ve concluded that these unique men and women have, in most cases, mastered what I call the Seven C’s of Success.

1. Clarity – Eighty percent of success comes from being clear on who you are, what you believe in and what you don’t.

2. Competence – You can’t climb to the next rung on the ladder until you are excellent at what you do now.

3. Constraints – Eighty percent of all obstacles to success come from within. Find out what is constraining you or your company and deal with it.

4. Concentration – The ability to focus on one thing single- mindedly and see it through until its done takes more character than anything else.

5. Creativity – Flood your life with ideas from many sources. Creativity needs to be exercised like a muscle, if you don’t use it you’ll lose it.

6. Courage – Most in demand and least in supply, courage is the willingness to do the things you know are right.

7. Continuous learning – Read, at the very least, one book a week on business to keep you miles ahead of the competition. And just as you eat and bathe, organize your time so you spend 30 minutes a day exploring e-mail, sending messages, going through websites, because like exercise, it’s the only way you can keep on top of technology. If you get away from it, you’ll lose your edge.


Every business whether big or small has systems which ultimately help produce the results you need to be successful. Business systems help your company stay on track and help deliver consistent results. Take your company website for example. Your website may have subsystems such as an E-mail newsletter, direct mail, links to your social media accounts, etc. which serve as systems to help you get in touch with more clients and help your company grow. The best systems are formulated strategically and map out every possibility. For example, design, quality, target audience, implementation and measurement are elements that are very significant when building a business system. Each business is different, however, that is why it is your job to analyze and determine what the most important aspects of your business are in order to improve business success. Good systems eliminate unnecessary costs, save time, increase profit, and improve customer satisfaction. A great systems approach has detailed procedures, performance standards, and accountability. Detailed procedures help your company stay on top of its game. Performance standards keep track of the goals your business achieves. Accountability makes you responsible for what goes on in your company. As time goes by, business systems remain constant and that is why it is a good idea to let systems run your business while you run the systems. In essence, identify the system you want for your business taking into account different types of situations and possibilities. Implement your system and get ready for profitable outcomes. Remember that you can change and adjust your system to fit your needs. The important factor here is figuring out what works for your business and what doesn’t. Good luck!

Whether you are entering or exiting business ownership you need a professional on your side to help you make the best decisions for your business. As a Primary Business Consultant, I work hard to get the best results for your business endeavors. The following is a list of the top three objectives a Primary Business Consultant (PBC) will accomplish.

(1) To make it possible for every business owner to exit their business in retirement or receive funds from a sale to move on to accomplish bigger and better dreams. The undesired option is to “die in the saddle” and never enjoy the ultimate rewards of their investments, sacrifices, hard work and sleepless nights.

(2) To develop and consistently increase a net income stream to grow your business which more than provides for the financial needs of owners.

(3) To provide an organizational structure that allows owners to be involved in what they genuinely desire to do, and do best, as well as train depth in management so that owners are not needed on a regular basis.

With four decades of success, as Advocates Business Consultants (ABC) Certified Primary Business Consultants we can take you where you are in the above list of opportunities and professionally help you move to your ultimate goals and gratification for efforts and investments.

Have an idea.
This idea must be something you are passionate about.

Target Audience.
What customers are you trying to get a hold of? Who will buy your product? If you can’t answer this question then there won’t be sales.

Define goals and objectives.
Goals and objectives are important because they lead you in the right direction and help you get back on track. Figure out why you are starting your new business. It may be for financial independence or you might want to sell it in the long run to the highest bidder, it’s your call.

Create your name and logo.
A working name helps define your ideas. A logo will help create your brand.

Determine if you will be working alone or if you will have a business partner(s).
Choose wisely. Sometimes problems may arise and can create irreparable circumstances.

Create a business plan.
A business summarizes your business in one page. It also creates a map for investors, bankers, and other interested parties to use when determining how they can best help you and to help them decide whether or not your business is viable.

Legal side.
It will give you peace of mind if you have someone there to clarify extensive rules and regulations, etc. Get an accountant who understands the tax side of running a business.

Manage your finances.
Make sure you have enough capital to get by while you build your client base.

Market your business.
Create your company website, develop an excellent social media presence, and implement your marketing and distribution plans.

Success will not come over night so it is important to have your feet set on the ground and realize that this will take time and plenty of effort from your part.

What makes you stand out from the crowd? Why should people trust you and your product?

Keep learning!
You will learn many things as you venture out into the business world. You may make mistakes but those mistakes with help you become wiser.

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