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It seems that somewhere along the line we, as humans, have lost our religion…the one where we embrace some god or another……it has been embraced by the love of greed and money. This press is of an English article from the Guardian……but it speaks pretty much to most of the world…… The long read: Its […]

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I have always felt that mathematics could have been better used in economics. Håvelmo argued also that if economics wanted to be taken as seriously as physics, chemistry and biology, it needed to employ probability because that was the way that opinions were expressed in science. He believed that if this was done, economics would […]

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Producing a service is a fantastic venture that many individuals have actually located success with. If you are interested in being a local business owner that gets the job done, you will find that making use of a business instructor could assist you reach your goals. Besides, many individuals find that obtaining valuable guidance from […]

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Aristotle: The many are more incorruptible than the few; they are like…

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An introduction to metaphysics is in order. When we speak of metaphysics, we are not speaking of the odd, occultic section of the used bookstore. Instead, we are speaking of the branch of philosophy that studies how things exist. Thomas Aquinas wrote what is arguably the pinnacle of the expression of metaphysics as it applies […]

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Originally posted on Fictionspawn Monsters: Roger came into the laboratory. He had had quite a hard time getting out of bed today, they had been working long days for weeks. He was quantum physicist. He studied the smallest parts of the universe. Particles. Quarks and all that stuff. Complicated shit. He had been interested in…

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Regardless of what it is that you are passionate about, you need to make sure that you prioritize it. Here’s why.

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The economy is like a circus. It comes to town, and eventually it leaves town. We get paid in tickets to this circus. As long as the circus stays in town, we can use our tickets. Once the circus leaves town, we are pretty much out of luck.1 The reason the circus stays in town […]

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