Step 1: Define Who Your Target Audience Is

Specialization brings profits. Diversification brings confusion.

Many business owners are afraid to pick who their target audience is. They worry that they are walking away from something, such as a missed opportunity or potential customers. They worry that they are being too narrow or limiting by specializing. What you really walk away from is an unproductive strategy. You cannot serve the whole world successfully.

Step 2: Develop A Program Your Target Audience Will Pay For

Once you have a target audience, it is time to develop a program that will easily explain what you do and what’s included in your fee.

Step 3: Decide On A Marketing Strategy

Once you know who you want to work with and what your program or product costs; it’s time to market yourself and spread the word.

Here’s some insight into marketing. Marketing is simple. Marketing is straight- forward. You do one thing, and you get another. For example, you put up a web site, and people visit it. You write a newsletter, and people read it. You speak to a local business group, and people listen to what you have to say. The confusion comes in when you are trying to figure out which thing to do first, or you are trying to do everything at once.

If you are struggling with marketing, know that you are not alone.

Step 4: Discover How To Sell

Fear of selling is very common. Selling can be tough. Between learning how to be run a business, making a living as a business owner, and overcoming your personal opinions about what selling is, selling can be both confusing and overwhelming. Selling can also be easy and effortless.

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