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Last week our everyone in our community got a copy of this month’s Oxford Review packed with brand new findings from just published research studies Developing evidence-based HR Keywords: human resources, human capital, evidence-based HR, HR analytics, HR digitisation In many organisations human resources or human capital analytics have been adding significant value and the… via […]

via How to measure the impact of executive coaching and more in this month’s Oxford Review — Before, After and Other Stuff


In the medical and veterinary literature, the ‘gold standard’ of evidence is the double blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial. Much of the body of earlier work on efficacy of executive coaching is variably well-controlled, qualitative rather than quantitative and often retrospective. It can be subject to a number of biases including hindsight bias, cognitive dissonance […] […]

via Executive Coaching-Does it work? — My Coaching Journey — Team OCC

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