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Words can be portrayed as the smallest meaningful unit of speech. Although small, words act as “triggers” for the people who hear them. What I mean by this is that words have the power to influence and control how we respond. As a result, they enable us to be influenced by their meaning. Take a minute and think about songs for example. Some songs make us happy while others make us sad depending on the message they convey. Language patterns are words that people use to display positive or negative emotions. As human beings we all have sets of negative and positive words that we use every day. Often times, these words or language patterns hinder our chance of being successful. For example, when someone says “I don’t think that I can be an artist” this tells me that the person has no confidence in drawing and/or painting. Targeting and interpreting instances of negative language patterns can help us work towards improved positive thinking patterns. What I want you to do know is to sit down and write out what you believe your weaknesses are. Once you have your list look for ways to improve those weaknesses. Let’s go back to the example I mentioned earlier about being an artist. What you can do here is take art classes to improve your artistic skills. Look at it as a hobby rather than a chore and have fun with it. You can only be successful if you think positively and have the courage to be the person you want to be.


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